I’m going to say something I’ve never said in a blog before: It’s baby season! This Spring I have had the honor of photographing so many weddings for gorgeously glowing brides at ALL stages of pregnancy. Some were just showing a bump, others were flaunting it! One thing is for sure, I think pregnant brides are all the rage, and I’ve come to really look forward to photographing their weddings. So now that I’ve had plenty of experience working with their unique set of concerns and challenges, I have gotten together a list of tips to help you have the best wedding experience possible….while expecting!

First of all, when you’re looking at the images I’ve included, you’ll notice that they are all taken at San Francisco City Hall. This is a fantastic venue for expecting brides to get married at, because you only have to stand on your feet for a few hours total, for the whole experience. and this brings me to my first tip.

1. Wear comfortable shoes. As you are well aware, your feet will probably swell, and those Jimmy Choo’s you thought you wanted to get married in are now enemy #1. A low kitten heel can provide a little glam and elevation without putting too much pressure on your lower back. If you go online, Etsy has all the custom blinged out flip flops you could ever dream of! Even if you don’t wear them for the ceremony, you can walk between photo locations at your destination of choice.

2. Please treat yourself with extra love on this special day and bring snacks and drinks with you. Taking wedding photographs is always more work than it looks like, and you’re extra sensitive now to dehydration and low blood sugar. If you feel exhausted, it will show in your images. Yes, it will.

3. When to have the wedding? If you’re having a normal pregnancy, the second trimester is usually when your morning sickness will have started to fade, and you’ll find yourself feeling fabulous most days. That’s the best time to plan the wedding. You’re showing, but you’re still able to get around easily. You’ll definitely have that glowing skin that all brides are famous for.

4.Lets talk about the dress! Let’s face it, aside from finding the right man, it’s the dress that everyone will be talking about. You can buy one new, or Choose to purchase a gently used pre-owned gown from a growing list of websites. You can also have a custom gown created just for you.
DO: Choose a comfortable dress that will allow from restroom breaks. Yes, I just went there, but let’s be realistic.
DO: Choose an Empire waist or A-Line dress style. These styles will look beautiful, while comfortable skimming over the little one inside.
DO: Call your bridal salon first and let them know to expect you. This way they can have enough gowns ready to accommodate you and your baby bump.
DON’T: Select a dress in a binding or non giving fabric. A dress that flows, will be more forgiving of your changing baby. Trumpet or mermaid styles are OK when you are in the first trimester, but as the pregnancy progresses, this is probably not the best style choice.
DON’T: Choose a stiletto or high platform heel. Aside from your feet swelling, your center of balance will have shifted and you wouldn’t want to loose your balance while walking down the isle.

5. Incorporating little props into your wedding photography is always fun, but when you have a baby on the way, this opens up a whole new set of ideas. Some brides choose pink or blue flowers, or ribbons added to their dress to tell the guests who the secret guest of honor is. Others have combined baby booties with their ring shots. Some couples have brought little “it’s a girl!” signs.

6. Include the whole family! If you already have other children or even pets in the family, including them in the vows is nice. I just had one father that was getting married for the second time, present his little girl with a ring of her own. This showed his commitment to being her dad, as well as the new babies. Another dad kissed his bride at the end of the ceremony, and then dropped to one knee to kiss his wife’s baby bump. Every single person there teared up, including me.