I can’t tell you how many brides I have talked to that were planning their same-sex marriage, and had absolutely no idea what to wear.They wondered, what do other lesbian couples wear? It was a very enjoyable process going through a ton of images on my backup drive, to find some diverse examples of beautiful brides. Hopefully, their bridal photographs and awesome fashion sense will help you in your quest to look your best, and truly represent who you are as a woman and as a bride.

So that’s where we will start. Who are you? Do you identify as more girly, or more butch, perhaps someplace in between? And what about your partner? I think how you dress and identify in everyday life, should be reflected in your wedding attire. For example, I do animal rescue work, so I certainly would not have real fur as part of my ensemble, even if it was a family heirloom! Same goes for you two. If you wear men’s suiting or identify as more of a tomboy on a regular basis, you don’t want to put on a long gown for your wedding. Obviously, that wouldn’t be you! Be you, but be your best you on your wedding day.

One look I am 100% not in favor of is the twins look. You may be soulmates, but you are not identical twins. I’ve seen this on a few couples, and it looks like they work for the same company, and are rocking a staff uniform.

Now, outfits, that are similar in style, but different in color or print is totally fine. Take a good look at the outfits above for looks that I thought worked very well together for all the different personality types.

One fashion trend that I’ve been VERY excited about is the new woman’s suiting movement. There are now some custom tailor shops, just for woman, that cater to your narrower shoulders and curvier hips. Instead of cutting down a man’s suit, they specialize in building their suits for your body type. Tomboy Tailors offers custom bespoke suits for a woman, newer to the scene is Kipper Clothiers who offers handcrafted suits for all genders and orientations. Visit them at kipperclothiers.biz. Check out their Bio, it’s pretty impressive!

If a traditional bridal gown is your dream come true, David’s Bridal is online and in just about every state. They have reasonable prices and more wedding dresses that you could ever try on in one day. Find them online at davidsbridal.com. But, if you are looking for fun, funky retro styles, that you can wear with Chuck Tailors or high heels, I’m going to suggest modcloth.com. They literally reinvent their inventory on a weekly basis. So if you see something you love, buy it! They create for sizes XS to XXL

If you aren’t sure, and would like to talk about it more, please visit my website to see more style, at rachellevinephoto.com and drop my a note on the contact page.