I had to sit and have a good think with myself, to decide where I wanted to start you off on the men’s attire post, for men’s same-sex weddings. How does one start the process of sorting through all the options when there are so many style preferences and gender expressions. Does one want to be classic, or be-glittered and fabulous?

I threw all of those classifications out the window and decided to start with the wedding itself and the level of formality.

If you’re event is going to skew more formal, there’s nothing more dashing than a groom (or two!) in a tuxedo. While I’m not known to be a fan of matching attire, as stated in the girl’s installment of this blog series, a tux is an exception to the rule for me. You can individualize your accessories to make each outfit stand out in its own distinct way. I’m going to get more into that in a little while.

Another very cool option is to have your tuxedo or suits made by a local custom tailor. Bespoke suiting is exactly what two of my local friends had designed when planning their wedding. They knew they wanted unique fabric, not something they had been able to find in “off the rack” shops. They used beautiful fabric in complimentary colors, and they tell me that they’ve been able to wear them several times since the wedding. Because it set them back about $2500 it motivates them to keep to their wedding weight, so they always fit into them! They went to JAKE in San Francisco and you can explore more of his work at www.jake.clothing. If you’d like to keep your formal options more wallet friendly, I highly recommend a clothier called Tallia. These men’s suits and coats are very fashion forward, but often around $350. They are sold at www.macys.com and www.lordandtaylor.com. These are jackets that you won’t see every other groom wearing.

Now let’s take it down a notch on the formality scale. For a lot of my Bay Area couples who are getting married on a boat, outside at Golden Gate Park, or maybe San Francisco City Hall, we see a lot of linen suits, slacks with vests and ties, Bermuda shorts with a short sleeve button down. That last look would specifically be for the beach or boat I think.

Bow ties, boutonnieres, and stylish socks are still very much in style, but I think the Chuck Taylor sneaker fad has phased out again. Not to worry, it always seems to creep back in again before too long! To find those fun custom accessories, I always head straight to www.etsy.com because they have more makers there than anyplace else on the web, and I love supporting the mom and pop designers around the world.

As for the hot colors, try this cool trick to always be “in the know”. Go to www.pantone.com. Never heard of them? These people are the color experts, and publish the color trends of the season twice a year. Their Fall 2016 report says that blues will lead the season, anchored by earth tones, with pops of pinkish purples and spicy hot mustard hues. So now that you know, you can head out and start shopping!