Since we have Patrick and Nicci’s wedding video up on our video page, I thought you might like to take a deeper look and see the details of this beautiful wedding, and also how we shoot a wedding when we aren’t at San Francisco City Hall. Team members Will and Mindy get the photo and video credit, and the bride and groom were absolutely thrilled with their portfolio. Nicci says she cried so many happy tears looking and their wedding video and photographs over and over since their day.

The couple chose Nestldown in Los Gatos, California for their summer wedding. This property features a redwood grove, sunken into the forest floor, which creates a forest cathedral feeling for the wedding ceremony. For seated guests, the view is the stunning towering redwoods, and the feeling is fairytale wonderful. There are lakes, with overhanging weeping willows with twinkly lights, a stunning rustic barn for dancing, and an actual miniature railroad train to bring the bride and groom to their reception in style. Snow White also has her own mini house and there are trees with dragon eggs in them. As I said, it’s a fairytale wedding venue, in many, many ways.

The buffet dinner was held on the lawn, next to the lake, with a beautiful waterfall situated behind the sweetheart table. Music was provided by the very talented Rose Quartet. There were umbrella table for those who liked shade, and open tables for those who wanted to watch the stars twinkle as the sunset. After dinner cake was served by Buttercup Cakes and Farmhouse Frosting, and it was super personalized with added cutouts of all of their children. They had a large dessert table and homemade gifts to go which featured mason jars with meringues inside which was a nod to Nicci’s home island of Trinidad.

The bride’s first wedding dress is from Haute Bride in Los Gatos, California and the groom and his party all bought suits at Joesph A Banks in San Mateo, California. (I make a cameo appearance in hot pink and my dress is from which is very popular for weddings and bridal party dresses)

Hair and Makeup were by Bfab Guru, and we love to work with them when we have weddings anywhere in Northern California. They will travel extensively and have a very talented team. Just ask us! For this wedding, they had two stylists working on the bride, and four bridesmaids and the flower girls. They have a large staff and can accommodate even larger wedding parties.

Nicci and Patricks rings were from Micheal Raven or Raven Fine Jewelers and feature rose gold and a gorgeous moissonite center stone.

Their dog Chunky really stole the day, and even he got his own wedding party outfit, created by Olivia’s Doggy Designs! He mostly napped through the ceremony, but hey, it was hot out!

Nestldown offers several transportation options to get you to and from your ceremony on their property in high style. They have a vintage taxi car, or horses in addition to the mini railroad. I have never seen another venue with such beautiful and unique options. Of course, if you’d just like to walk down the redwood tree lined steps to your ceremony, you’re welcome to do that as well and you’d still make a dramatic entrance.