Project Description

Ajdin and Shelby wanted a fairytale wedding, and they love each other a lot, so they deserved it right?

BUT they were buying their first home and starting a new business together. So, how to make the fairytale a reality?

THIS is why San Francisco City Hall is now known internationally as one of the most beautiful and affordable places to elope, have a destination wedding, or invite the whole family if you live locally.
These two had plenty of family around, so they called our events department and rented the fourth floor. It’s a truly majestic hall (It’s literally a hallway when not rented for weddings and blocked off!) with soaring ceilings and probably the biggest windows you’ve ever seen. All fairy tales have a harp playing in the background, so they found a magnificent harpist, and she serenaded and delighted the guests before, during and after the wedding ceremony.
Everything worked out beautifully and there was no big debt to pay off after. So they really DID live happily ever after. And you can too!