Project Description

Catherine and Bob

These two are as in love as if it was their first time, and it clearly shows in their images. The two of them decided that after being partners for years, it was time to tie the knot. So they eloped! That’s right, they did NOT tell the children! We created a special package for them including two hours of photography and two hours of video, and this fall, they’ll have a special “big reveal” when their whole clan can get together. It’s a brand new package, so just email me if you think that would fit your needs.

I hadn’t thought about adding another couple to the San Francisco City Hall photography page on my website just yet, but Catherine convinced me to do it. She flat out told me that the over sixty market was under served on Rachel Levine Photography, and I agreed! I’ve posted updates for maternity weddings, same sex weddings and destination weddings, but age hadn’t really played into it. But she had a very valid point because this year alone I’ve done at least six or seven weddings at SF City Hall for couples, all the way up to age ninety three. Yes, you read that right.

I believe in their love, I support their love, and they inspire me.