Project Description

Jessica and Brenda decided to get married at San Francisco City Hall with their young son and family and friends in attendance. One of my favorite parts of their ceremony was a small surprise for their son, they got him a ring of his own, to cement *his* place in the new family. His reaction was priceless, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the rotunda, mine included!
Next the whole party headed over to a lovely new spot in the historic Castro District, called Starbelly. I can’t say enough about this venue for an after City Hall, casual but down- to- earth-chic reception. Their food is of the comfort variety,but the presentation is so beautiful, that a salad or pizza is it’s own little work of art! They had huge jugs of sangria with abundant fresh fruit, and bottles of wine for the tables. 
This reception was on their patio. The roof is a retractable umbrella, so you can dine under the sun or stars, or stay shaded as the weather and your mood allows. I hadn’t seen a  single umbrella cover a room that large before, but it did a great job and we were very comfortable. I pretty much didn’t want to leave! 
The price was very affordable for San Francisco, the staff was very attentive, and the ladies were allowed to decorate the space themselves. They set up the table at home, took a snapshot to give the Starbelly staff, and dropped off all the pieces before the wedding. When they arrived for their reception, the staff had done a beautiful job of recreating exactly what the couple wanted and the room looked beautiful.
There are a number of “off the beaten path” reception venues that I’ll be writing about.  I’m a firm believer that you *can* have the wedding and reception of your dreams ,for a price you can smile about.