Project Description

Natasha and Matthew

It’s the time of year where everyone is looking ahead to booking their spring weddings, and elopements. This gorgeous portfolio was taken during the month of May, so you can get an idea of what San Francisco and the outside gardens look like at that time of year.

These two sweeties came over from the U.K. and had the time of their lives. We went over to Golden gate Park for their extended photo shoot, I believe they chose #2 SF City Hall Package for three and a half hours. That park offers endless landscapes, gardens, forests and buildings to use as backdrops for your romantic portrait session.
Every time I head over there with a couple, I know we’ll find something unique and unexpected. Some areas of interest that you can think about using for your own photo session, would be the Japanese Tea Garden which in addition to being magically beautiful actually does serve tea and snacks and  the Botanical Garden which at certain times of the year has grand piano’s strategically hidden throughout the garden for you to play and pose on…and the Garden of Shakespeare’s flowers, which is known to be inspired by the Bards work and boasts brick walkways under a delicate canopy of branches. It’s fifty-five acres in total and although I’ve brought many couples there, I still haven’t explored it all. Please send me an email to if you think you’d like to join me there on your wedding day.