Project Description

Raniya and Cedric

Raniya is my idea of a dream bride. She’s fun, creative and super organized. She and her love Cedric were ready to tie the knot and wanted their closest family around them at San Francisco City Hall in the Rotunda. Each guest wore coordinating shades of blue.
 This is a trend we’ve seen a lot of this year and although it does require a lot of communication, the results are beautiful, every single guest wore blue!
There were details on top of details from the blue bling on her nail that matches her custom Converse sneakers, to her glittery dark blue angle wing epaulets, to the blue in the flowers. And there aren’t a ton of blue flowers out there, from what I’ve heard.
They decided to hire a Trolley on  Wheels company to take their guests on a tour of the city and they had a pretty large group, so this was a perfect choice for this couple and their family. After their San Francisco City Hall civil ceremony, they drove down Chestnut street for Raniya’s big wedding surprise for Cedric. The look on his face was priceless when he saw that she had rented a whole vintage movie marquee to announce their wedding that day! Their favorite thing to do together is watching movies, so this was a very personal gift just for him and he absolutely loved it.
My team was on the boat with them for three hours….but I felt we needed to do a little more. So I called Hannibal and asked if they’d like to join me at San Francisco City Hall for a proper couples engagement session, and he said yes!
They loved their images, and I felt like we had a well rounded portfolio to present them with.