Project Description

Vanessa and Andy

These are the final edits for Vanessa and Andy, who wanted a San Francisco City Hall wedding, but also didn’t want to miss out on the experience and excitement of an engagement shoot!
The way things turned out they decided to book the two photo sessions a day a apart, so a Thursday engagement session and a Friday wedding, in the same week. I have to give them credit, they were very patient, hard working and focused on their photography, and we were all very happy with  their portfolio. For a lot of my couples who fly in from around the world and really want to make the most of their time visiting the city, and walk away with not only wedding photos, but cute couples photography in some of the Bay Areas most iconic settings, this is another option to think about. The session is $400 for about an hour and a half, and you have images that you can use for all sorts of things, including holiday cards if you time it right.
The engagement session took place at Crissey Field in the Presidio, which is a major tourist attraction, and now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation area. You can rent bikes to ride around on and pose for photos right in the Presido at Sports Basement located at 910 Old Mason St., spend time seeing who can jump the highest at House of Air, located at 926 Old Mason St in the heart of the park  (Full disclosure, I have always wanted to photograph a couple ON the trampolines, but have not yet had the opportunity!) or just pop down to the Warming Hut nestled under the Golden Gate Bridge to pick yourselves up a romantic picnic for two, to eat on the dock. It’s located at 983 Marine Dr, and is the farthest point west in the Presidio/Crissey Field area. You find yourselves right under the iconic orange bridge and it’s really an exciting place to snuggle up and smooch in front of the Golden Gates.
Our other gorgeous location would be the Palace of Fine Arts. Originally built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exhibition, It’s located at 3301 Lyon St. If you can swing doing your couples shoot during the week, it’s a lot less crowded with tourists. There’s a whole lot of architecture here to play with and if you’re patient, you might even see the regal swans paddling by! Or better yet, catch them in the background of your favorite shot. There is no shortage of wildlife making it’s home in this urban oasis, including Mallard ducks with their new ducklings in the spring and summer.
The next day we met up at San Francisco City Hall for Andy and Vanessa’s wedding.The whole family joined us this time, for a lovely wedding with a truly well matched couple. I won’t write too much about SF City Hall here since my whole website is pretty much dedicated to our work there, and you can read more about that experience in most of my other blog posts, and at If you have the time and would like to book both the engagement and wedding photography as a package, that can be arranged.